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Ruggedised 4G Android smart phone with IP67 rating. Includes Wi-Fi, FM Radio, Stereo Bluetooth and so much more.

There is a software update available for your device. Please go to Apps > System updates > Check for updates. It is recommended you perform this update to fix an important network signalling issue.

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Main features:

  • Blue tick 4G LTE Handset for excellent rural and metro coverage
  • IP67 waterproof to 1m
  • 4.0" capacitive touch screen with Gorilla glass
  • Android 4.1.2 operating system
  • 1.2GHz dual core processor
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with stereo headset support
  • 5 Mega pixel camera, with flash, zoom and auto-focus
  • FM Radio, MP3 Player and ringtones, A-GPS
  • 4GB flash memory
  • Supports microSD storage expandable up to 32GB

Technical Specifications:

4G LTE 1800, 2600 MHz LTE Cat 3 100Mbps DL / 50Mbps UL
3G UMTS 850, 2100 MHz with 42Mbps data (HSPA-DC)
GSM 900, 1800 MHz
Operating System Android 4.1.2
Processor 1.2GHz Snapdragon dual core, 1GB RAM, Adreno 305(v4) GPU
Memory 4GB Flash with 2.5GB user space, plus up to 32GB microSD external storage
Display TFT 16M Colours, 4.0", 800 x 480 pixels, capacitive touch, Gorilla glass
Sensors Proximity, light, accelerometer,magnetometer

Rear, 5MP, 4 x digital zoom, auto-focus, LED flash, 
video recording 30 fps @ 720

Front camera, 0.3MP

 Audio out Earpiece, Speakerphone & 3.5mm headset
 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 3.0 with:
GAP, A2DP1.2(source), AVRCP1.4(controller),GAVDP1.2(Initiator), HSP1.2(AG), OPP(Client, Server), PBAP1.0(PSE) HFP1.5(AG),OBEX1.1

FTP(server), DUN, MAP(Message Access Profile), PAN(Personal Area Networking Profile), HID(Human Interface Device Profile).

 FM Radio FM Radio included
GPS A-GPS using Google SUPL, Stand-alone GPS, Glonass
External Antenna port Yes
Battery 2500 mAh Li-ion internal battery.
Talk Time up to 8 hrs talk time
Standby time up to 375 hours standby
Video codecs

H.263, MPEG4, H.264
Recording format, MP4, 30 fps @ 720

Audio codecs

AMR-WB high quality audio

Size & weight 128.4 x 66.1 x 12.1mm. 160g
Pre-installed extras Facebook, Twitter, Backup & restore, Drivemode app, Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) upgrade
Network Locked No
Worst case SAR

1.354 W/Kg in the body position (10mm spacing)
0.814 W/Kg in the head position

Comes with:

  • USB data cable
  • Stereo headset
  • AC charger
  • Warranty card

Note, the User Guide is available on the device from the Help application or you can download a copy from the Downloads tab.


Download File Version Released
User Manual.pdf Ver 1.8 Oct 2014
Warranty Card.pdf Same as launch July 2012
Windows Drivers - July 2013
mac Drivers - July 2013

Note the User Manual is already on your handset:
Go to Apps > Help


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Top 8 General Questions

I have forgotten my unlock code, PIN, pattern. How can I access my handset?

If you have enabled a Google account on your handset enter the wrong code repeatedly until you see a button such as "Forgot PIN". Press the button to log in using your Google Account details.

If you do not have a Google account on your device you will need to perform a factory reset. Follow these steps:

At the Locked Screen press the Emergency Call button. This will bring up a dial pad (don't worry it will not call the Emergency Services).

Enter the code *983*987# to access the Factory Reset menu.

Press "Erase everything" to reset your device.

How do I use Wi-Fi, and set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that can be used to access and share data networks in the home, office or public spaces. When you access a Wi-Fi network your data traffic is automatically sent over that network rather than the phone network provided by your carrier.

Most Wi-Fi networks have a security password to allow access. Unsecured networks should not be trusted unless you are sure they are safe to use.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi to switch On. Touch Wi-Fi to see all available networks, then touch a network to join it. If the network is secured, you will need the password to join.

You can also set your device up as a Wireless Hotspot. This creates a Wi-Fi access point so other devices can log onto your network and share your internet connection. Anyone joining your network will be downloading data from your service provider. Always secure your network with a suitable password.
If your Wi-Fi hotspot is active, you cannot connect to another access point so all data will be received via your handset carrier.

Keep Wi-Fi awake even when device sleeps

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Options > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always

This setting will increase battery consumption but will provide better Wi-Fi stability.

How do I update my device?

Applications can be updated from Play Store.
Handset firmware updates (when available) will be notified automatically in the pull down notifications bar, or you can manually check by going to Apps > System Updates > Check for updates.

How do I maximise battery life?

All Smart Phones have a shorter standby time than older style handsets. It is normal to have to charge your handset every other day, or daily in some circumstances.

Smart phones have many additional functions that can consume battery power such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a much larger display and automatic data flow on the network to update emails, messages and applications.

High battery consumption will also occur with low or marginal signal coverage.

Tips to to maximise your battery life:
Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, limit the use of the camera, media, MP3 player, to maximise battery life.

Close down applications fully, rather than leaving them running in the background. Go to Apps > Task Manager > Close All to quickly close any unwanted apps.

Get into the habit of regularly charging your battery. eg Plug your handset in at night time, then you know you'll be fully charged the next day.

How to care for your battery:
· Do not leave the battery in a discharged state. Charge the battery promptly when flat.
· Keep your handset and battery cool. High temperatures degrade the battery more quickly.
· Normal charge time is 3-4 hours. Do not leave on charge for more than 24hrs.
· After 2-3 charge / discharge cycles the battery life will improve. From then on use top up charging to recharge frequently and always charge promptly when flat.
· When not using the phone for long periods charge to approx 40% and remove the battery.
· With poor network conditions (less than 2 bars) battery life is reduced.
· Turn off Bluetooth when not in use and limit multimedia functions to extend battery life.

How to connect the charger
· Only use the AC charger and USB lead supplied. Insert the charger lead carefully.
· Check the plug and socket are aligned.
· Do NOT use excessive force which may damage the USB port.
· Be careful to avoid tripping or pulling on the lead whilst it is plugged in.
· Physical damage to the USB port is NOT covered by warranty.
· The phone can also be charged by connecting it to a computer using the USB lead supplied.
· The phone can be charged in the ON or OFF state
· If the phone is off after charging press the power key to switch it on.
· Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. The battery will not charge when over 45°C

What does the LED indicator show?

The LED indicator shows the following states:

LED Colour Solid - On charge Flashing - indicates a Notification
Red   Battery is low Missed call, SMS or other notification
Green Battery is >50% Missed call, SMS or other notification

You can disable LED flashing at Settings > Display > Pulse notification light

How do I put a new ringtone on my handset?

There are several ways to do this:

  1. From your handset browser you are able to acquire ringtones and other content. This feature is provided by your carrier. If you have difficulty with this method please contact your service provider.
  2. Plug your handset into a computer to copy an existing audio file from your computer to your handset. Supported formats are MP3, WAV, MMF or MIDI files.
  3. A Bluetooth device can be used to transfer an audio file to your handset. Transferred files are stored under File Manager > Bluetooth
  4. Audio files received via MMS can be saved and set as a ringtone.

Notes on Copyright
Please note that some ringtones are protected by copyright or encrypted with DRM (Digital Rights Management) which prevents them from being copied or sent to other users.
Please note, the 'Ring' folder in your handset is protected and files cannot be copied to or from this folder.

Using Bluetooth
Establish a Bluetooth connection with the device containing the music file.
Send the chosen file via Bluetooth to your ZTE handset.
On your ZTE Handset accept the file by pressing Yes when prompted.
The audio file will be copied to the 'Bluetooth' folder on your handset.

Receiving audio files via MMS
Go to your Messages Inbox. Open or View the received MMS message containing the audio file.

The audio file will be copied to the 'My Audios' folder on your handset.

Set the ringtone as active by navigating to the chosen audio file through the File Manager application, press Options, Set as ringtone or go to the Settings menu, Profiles and Edit your current ring profile.

See your user guide for more details.

How do I change the default ringtone, set the volume, switch on vibrate, etc?

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone
  • Choose one of the available sounds.
  • Ring volume, Vibrate and Silent mode can also be set from this menu
  • From the music player, press and hold on a chosen song and choose 'Use as phone ringtone'

You can also use the Volume controls to enable Vibrate mode. Turn the volume all the way down to silence the incoming ring and enable the vibrate function.

How do I change the wallpaper?
Long press (press and hold) on the home screen to bring up the options for wallpapers.

Getting Started

How do I enter contacts into my phone?

There are many methods available to enter a contact. The easiest method is described below.
From the Idle Screen

  • Press the handset icon to open the dialer (touch the handset icon at the top if the dial pad is not active)
  • Enter the number on the dial pad
  • Press Options (the three dots bottom right) > Add to contacts
  • Touch Create new contact
  • Enter the contact details, then touch Done
How can I check the battery level?

Go to Apps > Settings > About phone > Status or
Apps > Settings > Battery

There is a shortcut to Settings on the pull down Notifications bar.
Run your finger from the top of the screen down to open the Notifications panel, then touch the blue slider icon to go directly to Settings

How do I copy my contacts from my handset to my SIM card?
  • Touch the Contacts icon at the bottom of the home screen
  • Touch the three dots at the bottom of the screen for Options
  • Touch Import / export
  • Touch Import from SIM card
How do I add a photo to a contact?

From the Contacts menu,

  • Touch the Contacts icon at the bottom of the home screen
  • Touch the Contact you wish to edit
  • Touch the three dots for Options > Edit
  • Touch the smiley-face icon
  • Select Take photo, or Choose photo from Gallery
What do the different signal bar icons mean?

Next to the signal bar icons is a letter of number that indicates the type of network you are connected to in order of increasing data speeds and technology:

  • G - GPRS, which is 2G with low speed data
  • E - EDGE, which is 2G with 384Kbps data
  • H - HSDPA, which is 3G with 21Mbps data
  • 4G - LTE, 4G technology with up to 100Mbps data

All data speeds are theoretical maximum download speeds in ideal conditions. Real download speeds are lower depending on network conditions.

How do I enable Flight Mode?

Flight Mode switches off all radio functions on the device, so Network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled.

  • Hold the power key until you see the options menu, select Flight mode
  • Select Settings > More...> Flight Mode
How do I find the IMEI number for my handset?

The IMEI number is a unique identification number for your device. This is printed on the label under the battery or you can view it as follows:

Menu > Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI

User Functions

Where are my pictures and videos saved? How can I access and copy them?

With a microSD card inserted, your pictures and videos will be saved in the DCIM folder on the microSD card.
Without a microSD card inserted, the pictures and videos will be saved in the DCIM folder in the phone.
A user can not manually set the saving path.

Connect to a PC or MAC using the USB lead provided, then enable Media Transfer on the handset pop up screen. The folder structure of the handset and SD card (if fitted) is then available to browse on your computer.
MAC users will need to install an Android file transfer application on their computer, available from Google.

How do I create a new Contact from a phone number received in an SMS?
  • Open Messages and touch the required message
  • Touch the number inside the message to open up the dialler
  • Touch the phone icon to dial the number or
  • Press Options (three dots) to Add to contacts > Create New Contact
How can I send a file using Bluetooth?

First you need to switch Bluetooth On and pair with or connect to the other device.

  • Go to Settings > Switch Bluetooth On > Then touch Bluetooth
  • Touch the device name (ZTE T82) to make you visible to other devices if pairing from the other device
  • Touch Bluetooth to see a list of available devices
  • Touch the device you wish to pair with (Bluetooth must also be On and visible on the other device)

Enter the passcode or PIN number to connect to the other device if required.
Once you are successfully connected, find the file you wish to transfer:

  • Go to File Manager > Find the file to transfer
  • Press and hold the file to bring up the options panel
  • Click on the Share icon > Bluetooth
How do I enable USB tethering to share my network internet connection?

To share your network internet connection with a computer via USB, please connect your handset to your computer using the USB data cable.

Go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot - Check USB tethering

See http://android.com/tether#USB for more information

How do I change the keyboard (input) method?

Go to Settings > Language& input > select the required input method.

How do I perform a factory reset?

Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset Phone

This will erase all your account details and any content stored on the handset.

If you have locked your device and forgotten the PIN, Password, or Unlock pattern then please follow these steps to reset your device:

If you have enabled a Google account on your handset enter the wrong code repeatedly until you see a button such as "Forgot PIN". Press the button to log in using your Google Account details.

If you do not have a Google account on your device you will need to perform a factory reset. Follow these steps:

At the Locked Screen press the Emergency Call button. This will bring up a dial pad (don't worry it will not call the Emergency Services).

Enter the code *983*987# to access the Factory Reset menu.

Press "Erase everything" to reset your device.


How do I install and uninstall applications?

Install Apps

Set up a Google Account in order to download apps from Play Store. Touch Play Store on your homescreen and follow the prompts, then browse and select from a huge variety of applications, games, and utilities available on the Play Store.

Uninstall Apps

  • Press Apps to go to the all Apps screen
  • Locate the App you wish to uninstall
  • Press and hold on the App icon
  • Drag the icon to Uninstall.

Note that system applications cannot be uninstalled.

How do I install Adobe Flash on my Android device? How do I watch iView?

Adobe has archived the Flash player support for Android but it is still available from the following link:

Adobe Flash Player.apk

Download directly to your device, or save this APK to your PC or MAC and copy to your handset.

How do I enable or disable automatic updates of apps?
  • Touch Play Store
  • Touch the Options button (3 dots) at the top
  • Touch Settings > Auto-update apps

You can also check Allow automatic update when you first download an application from Play Store.

How do I use Voice Commands?

Use Voice Commands from the Google search bar at the top of your home screen. Tap the microphone icon then speak clearly into the handset.

See the following examples:

  • Navigate to...
  • Directions to...
  • Map of petrol stations
  • Call John, Home

Note: Using this feature requires an active data connection.


How do I customise the arrangement applications on the home screen?

Hold an icon for 2 seconds then move it to perform the following:

  • Move to another location on the home screen and release where you want to place it.
  • Move to another screen by dragging to the edge of the current home page until you reach the desired page.
  • Move to Remove at the top of the screen to delete the icon. This only removes the shortcut on the screen, it does not delete the application.
  • Move and drop on-top of another icon to create a folder containing both icons. For example you can move all Games into a folder on your home screen, then touch the folder and tap on Unnamed folder to name it as Games.
How do I set a specific ringtone for a particular Contact?
  • From the home screen touch the Contacts icon
  • Touch the required Contact
  • Touch Options > Set ringtone
How do I adjust the time before the handset goes to sleep mode?

Set the display timeout

  • Go to Settings > Display > Sleep

Set the device to stay awake while plugged in

  • Go to Settings > Developer options > Stay awake

Keep Wi-Fi awake even when device sleeps

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Options > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always

Keep Wi-Fi Hotspot awake

  • Go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable Hotspot > Hotspot sleep policy > set to Never
How do I use advanced Browser functions (Favourites, Tabs, Private)?

Advanced Browser functions are accessed from a drop down menu in the Browser. Slide your finger down from the top of the screen (just under the notifications panel) to access the Browser menu. Touch Options to see the main menu.

Using Favourites

  • Launch your Browser and navigate to the required page or simply search for your page in the Google search box.
  • Swipe down and touch Options
  • Touch Save to bookmarks > OK (Touch Add to to save to the Home screen)
  • Access your Bookmarks from the new Tab function (see below)

Using Tabbed Browsing & go Incognito for Private Browsing

  • Launch your Browser, swipe down and touch Options > to view or create new tabs.
  • From here, you can touch Options to use Incognito, which is Private browsing where your History will not be tracked and stored.


How do I install drivers for my phone?
Drivers are supported for Windows OS only
  • Connect your mobile phone to PC using the USB lead provided
  • Select 'Install driver' on the screen pop-up or
  • Open the Notifications panel and select Touch for other USB options > Install driver
  • Find the CD Drive called USB_Driver in your PC (eg My Computer)
  • Double click to open > choose you operating system run "Autorun.exe"
  • Follow the prompts of the installation wizard to install the drivers



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